July 24, 2011

Basic Control Panel

For my first Post project i made a quick control panel just so i could be even more lazy. This will just be a set of switches that control various lights throughout the room. The desk that i built for my electronics didnt really work well with my computer tower so i had to put it under the desk blocking off the power button. This control panel was the solution to that.
It Currently controls

  • Main Desk Lights                 Bottom right Illuminated switch
  • Main Room Light                  Bottom Left Switch
  • Rope Light/Night Light       Center Toggle Switch
  • PC On/OFF                            Right Red Button
  • Overhead RGB Light Bar   Right Black Button
The Top Buttons are AUX for future projects.

Overhead View Of switches

Left Button Controls main desk light but its illumination is a HD activity indicator for PC.

Main Room Light is just a 7 dollar 250w worklight From Home Depot Mounted to the wall. Still provides a pretty good amount of light though :)

Main Desk lights Currently on with Computer

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